Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013


In der September Ausgabe der Cyclist war ein Artikel über "Secret roads of the Alps". Dort gab es einen Abschnitt über Abfahrten der mir besonders gut gefallen. Der Guide, der mit dem Autor die geheimen Straßen gefahren ist, sagt dort:

"There is no better way to come down an Alpine mountain than on a racing bike. I've tried cars, motorbikes, mountain bikes, mountain boards, snowboards and skis: they all fail to compare. Nothing come close to matching the spiralling high induced by the combination of speed, stupefaction at plunging through exorbitantly beautiful landscapes, and the unnerving fear of kissing Joe Tarmac at 80kmh astride two human-powered wheels. I relish every corner, every shudder of the handlebars, every splitsecond when my rear wheel searches for something to grip. It's so intense that I briefly believe it might never end."

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